Saturday, October 4, 2014

weight loss update

I found this for motivation. I have issues with people tempting me with junk food. this same person was the first to tell me I'm getting fatter and that my weight is disgusting but will come round and bring chocolate cakes I've done well to ignore it lately. but this quote saying ignore the doubters and unhealthy examples. so just ignore it because there's always going to be unhealthy examples around. and that we're worth more then we realise. we are worth having a healthy life and losing the weight that makes us unhealthy, the way i'm starting to see things is if I eaten that cake that this person brought round it would not have made me happier in fact I would have got more depressed and seen myself as failing. even though I know its a case of just starting again the next day I just want to be good with food as I want to see the numbers on the scales change and my clothes become lose. so today I am going to make some slimming world recipes im not following slimming world but I often go online and use the recipes from any healthy foods that I can use. I am making homemade hummus and no crust quiche. keep positive people don't let no one knock you from your goal. oh and an update on my weight loss I started at 14 stone 4 and I am now 23 stone. bit embarrassed about this weight. but it will come off. 1 stone 4 pounds has gone off soo far. :D will post pictures and recipes up later