Sunday, September 28, 2014


Hi i'm Sarah, I just want to have this as somewhere to share my change in lifestyle to help others and motivation for myself. I am on a healthy eating journey and weight loss, I don't like the word diet so I do not use it and I'm not wanting to go to any slimming clubs as that does not work for me. for me its a lot about managing my emotions and learning not to use food for comfort. my story is I started comfort eating at a young age as I got bullied and had a horrible home life I started gaining weight at a very young age and it was at the time a way of me managing what I was going through and has become I coping mechanism that I need to change now before its too late. this is not an excuse though and it is only me who can change it now, the way I am planning on doing this is by doing healthy home cooked meals and cut a lot of sweet stuff out only using it as a treat now and again like it should be. i'd share recipe, menus and everything I can on here when I get a chance. I also have one daughter called Alisha who is 7, and my partner mike. In my spare time I enjoy dance and going to the gym, I also enjoy arts and crafts. that's about it about me and what I am doing with myself and my small family.

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